New Members of the Flock

Seems like I just got the blog up and running again and I'm neglecting it already! So much has been happening!  The chicken coop is nearly finished...still a few little things to complete, like the chicken door, and the fence/run for the girls, but it's in it's place in the front corner of the yard!  Everyone seems to be quite happy with it's placement too! There are plenty of worms and bugs around the wood piles for them to peck away at!
We've added six ducks to the flock since my last entry here, they are hilarious...and at the moment are making the chickens seem quite boring!  The ducks have such goofy personalities!  They are already a fun and exciting addition to the family!  and...they finally have names too :) Meet : Daisy, Gertrude, Irene, Myrtle, Gladys and Josephine.

The chickens have been gracious enough to welcome them into the coop, and I'm very thankful for their cooperation!

I am so blessed to have this opportunity to stay home with the kids, and the flock and work daily at keeping our house a cozy home to live.  I've felt so over joyed and blessed the last couple weeks.  I look forward to waking up each morning, drinking a cup or two of tea, feeding the flock and letting them loose for the day, and watching everyone run around and play all day.  Life is meant to be lived, and we are truly blessed to live so happily.

 My next big project is designing a new garden!  A couple actually....we'll be adding at least two veggie garden beds, and a large area in front of the house will soon be filled with mulch and plants, so the research begins!  I love the eclectic, shabby, country garden, it will most likely take on a design with that in mind!  I can't wait!  We will be dragging a few logs from the woods to make the veggie garden raised beds, and filling them with rich compost, hopefully soon, so I can get my seeds planted...I feel behind, but there has been so much to do!

Busy Hands Project :: Foam Blocks & Contact Paper

I often feel the need to encourage the four extra little hands in the kitchen to find other projects to do, other than "help" me make a mess (I'm quite successful at that on my own). So whenever I spot a quick and easy project to keep their little fingers busy when I need them out of my path, I make sure I save it for future use!  This was one of many that kept the kids busy for about an hour.  That gave me PLENTY of time to make dinner and clean up all while they had fun, AND I didn't trip on them in the process!

Busy Hands Project :: Foam Blocks & Contact Paper

Supplies Needed ::
Foam blocks (we use these)
Contact Paper (I picked some up at the dollar store!)
Painters Tape

Directions ::
1. Choose a surface to play.  You could use a table, floor, window or wall.  We used a window in the dining room for two reasons. Daddy was going to be home soon, so they could watch for him to pull in the driveway while they played, and because we thought it would be fun to have it hanging up (great fine motor skills, BTW!).
2. Cut the contact paper to size and peel off the backing.
3. Tape, sticky side UP, to surface.  I used packing tape because it was going on a window.  DO NOT use  packing tape if you choose to put it on the wall! You'll ruin your walls!!! Use the blue painters tape!
4. Let the fun begin.  Dump all of your blocks in a big bucket, or work right from the container they came in.

We just did free play this the future though I'll be using this for more of a learning activity, giving them directions on what to build by suggesting colors and shapes to use, or designs to build.

Have fun!

Our New Adventure Begins

It really is hard for me to believe that it's been three years since I've composed an entry here! 
I'm so excited to be back to writing and sharing again though, and we have so much to catch up on...Grab a cup of tea and join me!

Looking back through my archives the kiddos look so tiny! They are FOUR now!! You'll no doubt be seeing many more updated photos of them, if you're not already watching them grow up on Facebook

We are going to be spending more time developing our little homestead now, as I think I've finally figured out where to focus my attention at this time in my life.  This is a huge relief and I have felt so comfortable and at peace with my decision over the last few weeks.  (more about what's going to be happening to come soon!)

In the meantime, if you so choose to follow along in our prepared to learn and grow with us as we discover more of the great outdoors, learn to raise our chickens, become worm farmers, and till up a good portion of our yard into a summer garden!

Here's to learning and growing and following God's plan for our life.

2012 :: Thinking of Spring

the kiddos are moving more and more...seems like every day they get a little quicker, and more confident in themselves.
they are both climbing all over things and getting themselves where they want to go. i find my self creating "road blocks" for them in new places all the time! no baby gates, yet. pillows and furniture are working well right now, but i have a feeling that won't hold them back much longer!
davis cut his seventh tooth this week! i think number eight is close, too. this one was easy for him, no symptoms at all. in fact, i didn't even know he had it until D noticed last night after his bath!

in other news :: I've been reading up more about chickens. we are hoping to start raising them this year. I still have lots of research to do though...i don't have a clue where to start!
I'm planning a garden this year! So excited about this. It's going to be pretty small this year, we aren't really sure where we want to put it, so this year I'm going to try straw bale gardening. I've been reading up on this as well. Seems like a good option for us, I hope it works as well as what i've read.
I've been very busy making skirts for PSG, and having so much fun with it. I made a few aprons recently too, and added those to the shop.
I'm ready for spring. This winter has been rainy, and gloomy. And, it is just too windy and cold to have the kiddos outside much. Bummer.

Tuesday :: On my kitchen counter.

On my kitchen counter today ::

**4 mason jars, one containing sprouts that will be ready tomorrow! one containing sprouts that i started this morning, one growing onions (or hopefully, it's an experiment!), one with my sour dough starter (just started this morning..also an experiment!)
**dishes...clean, but waiting to be dried
**ingredients thawing for dinner. sweet potatoes and black beans. my friend Donna is coming to have dinner with us tonight!
**a big bowl of oranges, lemons and limes
** a bowl full of compost that the kids and I are going to take out before our walk this morning.
**teapot with a little left over chai green tea from 5:00am this morning
**yogurt in the yogurt maker.

Week One :: 2012

What a week!
January 1st Davis decided to stand up on his own in his crib, and crawl! Both on the same day!
Now, the 9th....he's moving even more! It's so cute to watch his little bum move across the floor too! Hehe!
Lydia is getting up on her knees a lot more, and she is SO strong! Her little legs never stop moving. When she learns how to balance...WATCH OUT! She's going to be running, not walking! I kinda think she is just going to skip's going to be fun to see what happens!
Dustin was in Alabama most of this first week (so sad he can't be here). But, we've had lots of company!
Grandma and Grandpa Halleck came to see us on Thursday for the afternoon. Grandpa had made the twins toy boxes for Christmas, and they are perfect! I've stacked one on top of the other for now, and i'm using the bottom one for their books. We love them! Thanks, Grandpa!
And thank you both so much for your visit. It was so nice to have you here to share our day.
My mom and dad (MiMi & PaPa) came Friday afternoon thru Sunday afternoon. It was just WONDERFUL! So fun to have them here to watch the kids grow and learn, and keep me company too!
They also brought the trailer down with them, loaded up with a couch, loveseat, and a few other things we've been storing. Our living room filled up fast...but, I love having the furniture in here!
Makes the place much more cozy. Thank you D&R!

Kids are eating just about everything now...and loving it. They aren't picky about anything, but do have favorites! Bread, of course...and cheese. Oh, and the VERY favorite....Dates. YUM! They would gobble up bunches of them if I'd let them!
It's fun being able to eat the sames things now.



my hope is to blog again....

I haven't made time to write.
But, 2012 is a new year, and I hope to make more time for writing.
And, keeping you updated on what's happening here.

A lot is going on, and I have lots of plans for this coming year, I can't wait to share!

For now, I leave you with this:

(little guy figured out how to stand in his crib the morning of 1.1.12)

with so much more to come!