cleaning + reorganizing + hugs .

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So much for the beautiful snow the weather man forecasted last night...I had my blueberry tea this morning without the fresh white fluff outside.
I feel like I've been pretty productive this day too. I cleaned both bathrooms, washed the floors, even re-decorated both of them. There was some much needed organizing in the kitchen that needed to be done too....still working on it, but it's much better. The laundry is pretty much caught up, including all the rugs. I'm going to need to make some more soap soon...!
I'm getting the itch to be creative this evening...I've been reading more of my new book (Life Arttist) and it's so inspiring! Even if I just make a
few cards...I need to get my hands on some paper!

Oakley has been following me around all day today...he has only taken one small nap..Sometimes I get so tired of his little nose needing to be in everything, and his whole body needing to be in every room that I even place my foot in!
But, I love him, and his constant flow of hugs and kisses remind me of that.

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