I just love the drive by the Bay

1_22_08, originally uploaded by hhalleck.

I never get sick of it. It is always beautiful...during all seasons.
I still find myself saying "we live here, we're not even on vacation" when I look at the beautiful bodies of water around me....we are so blessed.

I stopped by Marilyn's today to set up the photo frame for her Mom (this will display all 450 pictures I took at her 90th birthday party last weekend). She loved it! They were full of compliments on my photography, so that boosts my confidence!
I also had my Weight Watchers meeting this morning....I lost 6 pounds!! WooHoo....I'm pretty excited about that....what a great day, huh!

We needed just a few things from the store (it's so handy having everything so close) so, I just made a couple stops, and then worked on my website the rest of the day.
I'm using CoffeeCup software to create my pages...or at least trying...I'm not very pleased with the way my site looks right now, so I'm looking for a more unique, personal touch...I think I'll be able to get that with this program...It's been fun, frustrating and trying ...this whole process...but, I'll be pretty proud of myself if I can actually design my own webpages from scratch.

I got a new book today. It's called Life Artist, by Ali Edwards. I just LOVE it, I'm already thru the first 60 pages tonight. I am pretty sure I'll have a hard time sleeping tonight, with all the ideas that I have running thru my head right now!

More work on the website is planned for tomorrow...we are suppose to get another 3 inches of snow tonight...so, I'm looking forward to my morning tea, and the view of fresh fallen snow covering the pines in the morning.

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