real feel = -29 degrees

yeah, that's right....that's what the weather man said this morning...and, it's not much better now!

It's days like today that I'm continually thankful that I have some "inside" hobbies!

I've been pretty lazy all day though...if I need to be honest! I have taken quite a few pictures of the layouts that I have done for my website...and I did this because I was having a major creative block!
Hopefully I get out of it by tomorrow...we have Designer's worknight at FMN, and I need to feel inspired by something...! I think I'm going to get my pictures all picked out and printed tonight, that way I'm ready to go!
We are having penne and homemade pasta sauce tonight...we really enjoy making our own's cheaper, and so much more yummy! Thank you Dad for the 8pt venison burger... it's going to taste SO good on a cold night like tonight!

Happy Birthday little Al. Let's little brother is 25 this year! Wow, and I was just looking at pictures of him this morning (one of my favorites...him, picking up worms off the wet sidewalk with his cowboy boots on!) I'm looking forward to our trip down to Coleman this weekend to see him, and Renee and Mom and Dad...

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