good news

last night, Darren, Doug's friend who is also a builder, called us. He had been looking at some garage/house plans for us. We have been considering building a garage with a small apartment above it for awhile now, and he gave us a price that will work with our budget!! We are pretty excited about it. We are working on some finalizing and meeting with Leslie, our realator, tomorrow morning. Not much will happen until August, Darren is busy all summer...but, we will be patient...that will give us a few months to save up some more money, and find the perfect piece of land!
Ted and Patty are also letting us move everything in our storage unit to one of their extra pole buildings! That will save us about $60 a month. They are so generous!

I'm working on cleaning my closet today...when I should be working on my website, my eyes are just a little tired for the computer! (that's my excuse anyway!) I need to go in and work a few hours at FMN tonight (5:00-8:00)
I also bought a shadow box today, I'm going to see if I can do a layout and sell it on ebay...I'm mostly looking to see if there is any interest in this type of art...I really think that they should sell, and I'd like to do some for a few craft shows...but, I'm going to test it on ebay first. My plan is to make some cards too...I have a few cute ideas, using some of the YoYo's I've been making...

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