just a few

of the layouts that I completed in the past couple of days on my "days off"
I ran out of inspiration yesterday, so I wasn't quite as productive...but, I'm going to need to start getting my butt in gear...I am going to try and sign up for a couple craft shows this summer...so, that means I need to get some stuff done!!!
I am pleased with these layouts though....I have been keeping things really simple lately...and, I am finding that I'm liking this style.


  1. Hannah!!
    So glad you are doing this...I will be checking back often. You will be in my favorites! Love the pictures you have included for inspiration. They inspire me, too.
    Love to you both,

  2. hey girly...i love seeing what inspires you because you inspire me!
    i also just enjoy seeing what's on your mind day to day...i miss you so much and it makes me feel just a little bit closer to you!
    love ya sis,

  3. Here's hoping that you two girls have a wonderful weekend together. I can only imagine the topics that will get covered! Inspiration enough for the both of you! Oh, and here's hoping the guys have half the fun you do!
    Love, Mom
    P.S. I'm ready to go shopping for more apron material!