moving the storage unit.

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This was a very productive weekend!
We spent Friday night and Saturday morning shoveling a path for our truck from Ted and Patty's driveway, back to the barn. Sure seemed like a long way, but we made it! Saturday afternoon their neighbor Marty came thru with the snow plow and cleaned things up a bit for us, that was really nice....
But, we re-packed our cardboard boxed items into totes, and moved everything out to the barn. We are so thankful that they are letting us move our stuff out's going to save us about $60 a month right now, and that going to help us out.
Sunday we moved more stuff, and then after lunch our friend, Bart, came and helped Dustin move a couple of the heavy his tool boxes, and rugs, and helped us break down some of our plastic storage shelves....(thank you Bart)

Even though we were really busy...and we got a TON done...(we only have one more trip, just a picnic table and a few things to take to Good Will) and, our bodies are a little sore...back aches and stuff....we both feel like we had a "relaxing"'s just nice to have that big job more thinking about's just DONE!

Last night I finished up some more scrapbook pages for Marilyn...I think I got about 18 of them finished up....I had most of them done last week, they just needed titles, and a little pen work. She is planning on stopping by today to pick them up.

That's to get ready for work today.....

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