We've tried...for two days go snowboarding.

Yesterday we drove all the way over to Shanty Creek, and by the time we got there, it was, rather than waste the $50 for lift tickets, we took advantage of Dustin's day off and drove around looking at property, houses and land. We have found a couple possibilities...There is a house on a hill that we are fond even has a view of the Bay! It's just a little out of our price range right now, we are hoping we can make an offer they will take...we'll see what happens...we're not making any moves just yet...we want to take a look inside and see what all we will need to do to it first...we know it will need a little work.

This picture is from off one of the realtor's sites...
We went to take another look at it tonight (since we didn't go snowboarding because of the wind, and Dustin had to work late with meetings).

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