only a couple days late....!
We had such a wonderful relaxing weekend spending Easter with Mom and Dad. Friday night we hung out and enjoyed some homemade waffles and maple syrup (nice and freshly boiled!) Saturday Mom and I went to Mt. Pleasant and made some copies of pictures for Grandpa at Sam's club, and then ventured to one of the Antique shops! We both came home with some goodies...(pictures of my treasure tomorrow, hopefully!) Dad and Dustin went to Midland and did some running around....guy stuff, they were just looking for reasons to not have to go antiquing!

Easter morning we went to church. Dinner afterwards was at 2:00 with Grandpa, Al & Renee joining us. (Grammy was at Aunt Linda's)
We had a great time....Ham, Cheezy Potatoes, Asparagus, baked beans, yummy relish trays, deviled eggs, cheezy garlic biscuits, salad, and homemade apple and cherry pies!
And we were all still hungry when we were done......HA. But, most of all we were able to spend time together...which just doesn't happen often enough.


  1. Hey Hannah,
    You forgot to mention a key portion of our Easter gathering... how about watching you, Molly and Oakley playing "rope" out in the yard?! Yeah, you happen to neglect mentioning how cute you looking trying to stand upright in the snow... (not that I could have done better). Some things are just better without a camera near by. Thanks again for all of your help, smiles and sweet personality during the weekend. We love ya'll. Mom

  2. Spring greetings...Im so glad that you had a nice Easter with your family.Everything looks like it was really tasty.