fun weekend ahead.

Jenn and Andy will be here in a few hours! Last night they stayed in Manistee, and they will be heading this way soon to spend the rest of the weekend! I'm so excited to spend some time with them again!!! This just doesn't happen often enough!

What will we be doing..? Not really sure yet. Jenn wants to go to FMN, so that will be in our plans, and I really want to get some new photos of the two of us, and I know that Jenn wants to use her new, I'm sure there will be at least a couple of photo shoots coming!!! She got me this beautiful "friends" frame for Christmas, and I need a new picture for, that is my mission!

Other than that....not really sure...we are trying to decide where to be "tourists". I was thinking that going out to the Old State Hospital might be fun...if the weather holds up...or maybe out to Elk Rapids? It's hard with all the snow, not that it's not beautiful, but the bays just look really WHITE...and, that's about it! So, staying around the water isn't really necessary. We're going to have fun no matter what...

I found this picture on Flickr today...just think that it's really's so crisp and clean, and fun at the same time!

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