giant, white, fluffy snowflakes.

Yes, yesterday morning and this morning we woke up to SNOW....more SNOW....and, most of you know that I'm the biggest fan of snow there is....but, as I've said before...I'm ready for spring....! Monday morning I heard the birds singing....where did they go!!!

we'll make the most of it. Dustin heard Mt. Holiday was selling discount tickets for the rest of the season (March 15th is the last day they are open, I think) So, maybe next week we can enjoy some of this snow and get out and play in it...

I'm working for Kim today (she is still in CA or GA visiting family...either Leigh or her dad, not sure where she is right now!) So, I'm working until 3:00, and then Margie is taking over...I need to make a quick run downtown to get some more beads for my Mom-In-Law, and then home to pack. We are heading to West Branch for the weekend. Dustin and Doug are going to be working on his truck. Not sure what the girls are going to do yet....but, we always find something!

Hope you all have a beautiful weekend!

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