We had such a wonderful time with Jenn and Andy this last weekend...I was kinda bummed that there wasn't anything going on in the area for us to do (or nothing that we could find) but, we made the most of it!
Saturday, they got here about noon...or a little after, and our first venture had to be the scrapbook store! So, Jenn and I took off in one truck, and Dustin and Andy ran errands...they thought that would be much more fun than the scrapbook store....whatever! But, it did give Jenn and I lots of "girl" time...
Later, we went out to the Old State Hospital, thinking we could get some good pictures, but everything just seemed so BLAH...no snow on the trees, and it just wasn't exciting us...we did however stop at the Underground Cheesecake and pick up a sampler box, which was a wonderful treat, and we even shared with the boys (they met us there!)

After sharing our cheesecakes, truck to truck...we decided to go out the the open space to take some pictures...which ended up working out perfect...it was very icy out there...but, we got some great shots.

Dinner at Mackinaw Brewing Company...yummy burgers...and then back to our place to just hang out and catch up!

Sunday...we were pretty lazy....we didn't do much of anything...we tried to go to Walt's Antiques, but they were closed when we got there (yes, I called first...?!!?) and then Jenn and Andy decided to head home after that...

We had a wonderful weekend, and I always remember how much I REALLY miss them when they leave.

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  1. Thank you again for having us over this weekend...you're not boring...I mean it when I said that it was really nice to just be able to relax. And there's nobody else I'd rather hang out with. I miss you so much already! Love ya!