another tuesday.

not much is planned for today.

My plans:

*Make some Double Orange Scones with an orange glaze and extra orange butter! (new recipe that i've been wanting to try!

*Stop by the bank and cash my paycheck.
*Stop by Dustin's office to pick up mortgage paperwork that needs to be mailed.
*Drop off mail at the P.O.
*Check out Dunhams Sports to see if I can find a pair of black Crocs.
*Maybe go to Target to replace my long sleeved white T that I wear at work every day!
*Stop by FMN to visit Kim, and have our Scones and Tea (I love it when we have time to chit chat during tea time!)
*Laundry (yes, I'm actually going to do some house work!)
*I'd like to get one scrapbook page done, and maybe a few cards.

That's about it though. Dustin has started taking his lunches to, neither of us will have that time to break up out day anymore...I think I'm going to miss it, but it will probably make me more productive during the day too.

This past weekend we stayed busy. Saturday morning we went to a few places to check out some flooring, and siding...just different building supplies (more ideas on pricing) Later in the day we took a trip out to Ted and Patty's, hoping to have a nice walk around the property, and get some exercise for both of us, and Oakley...but, they still had about 12 inches of snow, and we wore tennis shoes! So, that didn't work out, but we were able to check on the place, and make sure the mice were still staying out of our things in the barn! They are. (well, as far as we can tell!)

Sunday was a great day, and a step in the right direction. We had lunch in Kalkaska with Darren, our builder. He, his wife Candy, and his two boys all met us at G's Pizza for lunch and we went over our plans. He so understanding, knowing that we want to save as much money as we can by doing things ourselves, and he's fine with that...So we made some lists for him before we left. Listing things that we will do our selves, and the things that we need him to do. Where we want to save money (flooring, cabinets ) and where we want to spend money (to save money in the long run) windows, insulation... The meeting went great, and he took our plans to his people yesterday so they could hopefully draw up some blueprints for us, and he could get us a price. We are just waiting to hear from him now. Once we do, we will be able to start looking at some property! We've already been pre-approved for our mortgage, and those are the papers that we need to send out today, just to move the process along a little quicker!

We are exicted.

We are trying not to be, just in case something doesn't work out, and we have to wait a little longer than we had hoped, but it's hard not to get excited about having our own place to call home. Please, keep praying for us!


  1. Wow, and for some reason we thought you weren't going to be home last were very busy. Your head must be spinning with many wonderful things. I would love to go shopping with you just to see the type of things you guys are looking at.
    I like the new banner on your blog...I used to know the lyrics of that song by heart, I probably still do if I just thought about it.(Good ol' John Denver)
    Will talk to you soon.

    Love, Mom

  2. Oh Hannah, I'll keep you in my prayers that you'll find a wonderful home to call your own!