The birds are really singing this morning! It felt great to go for a walk again, the last couple of days have been so blah outside! I sure hope that that rain we've had will speed up the greening process in the trees and grass!!! I can't wait to go barefoot!
I work today, and I work for Kim tomorrow. We've been getting a lot of new things in at the store, so it should be a fun day checking out the new goodies!
Dustin and I checked out a couple of houses yesterday (just as another option, if we don't build) One we liked, the other...not so much. We've been keeping our eyes open to every possibility, you never know what might come up!

Have a wonderful Thursday!


  1. Good Morning, Sunshine,
    Hope you have a fun day at work, sounds like it will be. I love your "mug shot" on Monday's post!! Did you get any more? I'll chat with you soon.
    Love, Mum

  2. Hi! It's still cold and dreary here, but I'm trying to be patient...I know the sun will come out soon...i can't wait for the green on the trees and the rainbow of flowers either. Sounds like you are gonna have a fun day at work...wish I could check out all the new goodies with ya. Have a great day...ttyl!