discount tire....

....this was my first stop this morning!


Last night we went to Cadillac to go look at a house. We are exploring the option of manufactured homes right now...and we are really in like with what we see. They are made really nice, and we can get so much more for the money, especially if we find a lot model that we like. We met Jamie (the sales guy) in Traverse City at 4:30 and followed he and his wife to the lot in Cadillac...we got about half way there and his car broke down (and he knows nothing about, he was lucky that I have a hubby that was happy to help out!) Ended up that their trans fluid was, they hopped in the Avalanche with us and we continued on our journey!
We walked thru four homes (I think) and talked about all of them...asked lots of questions, saw a lot of things that we liked.
As we were walking back to the truck, we noticed that the air in the rear passenger tire was quite low....SO, we stopped at the nearest gas station to fill it up...about 15 miles down the road, it was REALLY REALLY, we pulled over in another gas station and Dustin changed the tire (with very little help from our NON mechanic salesman, who did bend over to move the tire and rip a giant hole down the center of his pants!!) ANYWAY....soon we were back home, and had lots of paper work to look over. It was an eventful evening!


I stopped in to Discount Tire and dropped off my tire, and then headed to the mall.
I found a couple of dresses that might work for next weekends wedding (Matt and Amber). My wonderful MIL is picking out a dress for me in WB too...BUT, just in case it doesn't work out, I wanted to have another option...besides, they were half off at JC was a great sale, and I can always take them back if I don't need them!

Oakley is giving me his approval...

So, now that I have these cute dresses....I need a white sweater, just in case it is cool next would think that every girl would have a nice white sweater in her closet, just in case, but...NOT ME! and let me tell ya, they aren't easy to find!!!
I ended up finding one at TJ Maxx...along with a couple other things!
A cute orange sweater, and a black short sleeve blouse!

Dustin also has been NEEDING some new polos and t-shirts. His polos are starting to look pretty, I found a few shirts for him...we'll know better tonight if they are going to work or not. Hopefully I did an okay job picking them out!

I made a quick trip to Starbucks to get my new favorite drink. Shaken Iced Tea and Lemonade, made with Passion Tea)

Every thing ended up being okay with my tire, it had a leaking valve stem, so they fixed that and put it back on for me...!

{long overdue}

I've been promising some pictures of some of my new collections...and antique finds...and finally, here they are!

I'm working on collecting some drinking glasses (most likely to be use for the great new tea drink mom and I discovered at Starbucks last weekend! (and that I treated myself to today!) more on that later...we're going to find a copy cat recipe!)
But, here is what I have so far...I'm loving the thick glass, and the fun designs!

I'm also finding some great new coffee/tea mugs....I realize that this style does not hold much, but they are so darn cute...and stack up inside one another...LOVE them!

and...just a couple more fun finds...just because!


  1. Great post.
    Nice pics of the collections.
    Seeing the tea makes me thirsty!
    Love ya,

  2. hey sis,
    i got a good chuckle out of the adventure you had lastnight :) good thing your hubby is so smart!
    i like your coffee mugs...they are SO always find the coolest stuff. i also like your dresses...i bet they look really good on you! hope you have a nice time at the wedding. ttyl
    love ya,

  3. Oh goodness...I'm sure your salesman is MORTIFIED over the evening adventure you had! Like it's not bad enough his car broke down and he had to ride with you...but to rip a hole in his pants too??? I had to laugh! :)

  4. I love how you take pictures of everything. That is such a great idea. A little hint on the manufactured homes check the water faucets and the tubs. Make sure the are metal and the tub is real.

    Love those glasses very cute.