feeling lazy today.

I really didn't want to go for a walk this morning, I was just feeling lazy. But, Oakley and I went anyway! I feel much better now, the fresh air always seems to to that!
We had a great weekend.
Saturday I spent the day decorating my boss's office (she's been on vacation, and we decorated her office in pink pants to surprise her (long story about the pink pants, but trust me...it's going to be hilarious, well at least for the staff!)

After spending four hours doing that, and Dustin was down in Muskegon with a group of friends for the day, I decided to go back to Walt's Antiques (I've been dying to get back there!)

This place has to be one of my favorite antique stores...I just love it because she has SO MUCH stuff in one place, and you really have to explore to find treasures!

After spending over an hour in this special little place, I made my way back home and Oakley and I went for a nice LONG walk, the weather was perfect!
The rest of the evening, while waiting for Dustin to get home, I just relaxed, I opened up the windows for the first time this spring, and chilled on the couch and read one of my newest magazines...no noise, just the birds singing in the background. It was perfect.

Sunday, we made a trip over to West Branch. Laura and Jeff were up visiting, so it was a great day to spend some time catching up with everyone.

We had a wonderful weekend!


  1. hey! sounds like you had a great weekend...wasn't the weather just gorgeous? we also spent a lot of time outside enjoying the fresh spring air. hope that you have a great week!
    love ya,

  2. Tell Walt I will be there shortly.

  3. Well, Mom, Walt's wife will be waiting....!!!!! ;)

  4. O yeah, I remember now. That's cool.