great weekend.

i waited way to long to post!!! We had such a wonderful weekend though. Saturday, I worked on a couple of project, one for FMN, and just some other fun stuff that I've been wanting to do.
I made a quick trip out to Spider Lake Resort too...they were having a Mega Meet retreat out there this last weekend and my friend Michelle (from CTMH) was out there...and she had the new catalog for me! WooHoo! It's beautiful.

Saturday night we went over to Bart and Annie's place for dinner and watched a was great to get out with some friends again.

Sunday we decided would be a good day to drive around and look at some more property, and a couple houses (just because) and while driving around my Dad called! Wanted to know if we would be around because him and mom were going to drive up!!! What a wonderful surprise! They came up and took us out to dinner (we had to introduce them to the Red Mesa, yum yum) and then came home for some homemade, fresh, with blackberry topping .....CHEESECAKE! gotta love the stuff...! It was another nice relaxing weekend.

Now, today I ran some errands (had to go pick up my paycheck, and go to the bank). I was able to complete the mini album that I'm making for the store tonight! That's a relief...not that I was on a deadline, but it just feels good to get it done.
Tomorrow I'm going to work on some pages, I have a couple of design teams that I want to submit some layouts to, just see what happens, so I need to produce some good stuff tomorrow...

Dustin is leaving tomorrow night for Novi, just an overnight trip for, I have a feeling that I may be up late tomorrow night!

I promise to have some more pictures or something more fun tomorrow!!


  1. Sounds like you had a really great nice that your mom and dad came up to visit...and bring dessert :) Have fun working on your LO's today...I'm gonna try spicing up the 'captain sam' page!! thanks for the advice btw...
    love ya and miss you like crazy

  2. You get a paycheck??? I thought they might just pay you in merchandise! :) Ha ha! Glad to hear about your fantastic weekend.

  3. We had a delicious time with you, too! You and your home are always so welcoming, thank you for the Sunday afternoon. It was completely relaxing for us!
    Much love,