too long....

since my last post. I know. I apologize! but, I am about ready to walk out the door and head to, this will be short and sweet! ;)

I had a great weekend! A wonderful shower in Midland, for Lori and Ryan.
Mom and I went antique hunting (pictures tomorrow!) and just had a nice Saturday afternoon together! Sunday morning we went to church, and I just love seeing everyone that I haven't seen in forever!
We had a nice dinner with Grandpa, Grammy, Renee, Mom, Dad and I....with the first Rhubarb goodie of the season!! YUMMY!!!

Dustin spent the weekend in WB with his family. Helped his dad move in a gun safe, and cleaned up his truck nice so his summer wheels would look extra special! ;)

Here are a couple of scrap book pages that I did late last week and just never got posted!

You all have a wonderful day!
I'm off to work!



  1. Cute layouts, Hannah! And I love your mini album posted below!

  2. hey sis,
    it was great talking to you yesterday...glad to hear that you had a great sure your mom just treasures every time you visit. hope you have a great week.
    love you and miss you like crazy :)

  3. those are some fun Lo's!! And I love the dog pic at the top of your blog!

  4. Great LO's. I like all the layering and that dog is so cute.

  5. I like your LOs, too. I would like to say that Molly gets excited when she sees Oakley "put on display", but rather, she remains oblivious to the whole ordeal. As you might guess, she remains in a world of her own. (entirely her own!). Thanks for the great weekend and Jenn is right, I treasure it all!! See ya soon,

  6. your pages are beautiful...I love your style!