the weather is perfect

I am just loving the weather right now, we have the apartment windows all opened up...and the place is smelling nice and fresh, doing a little spring cleaning...and just being out side! I love it!

I just finished up a mini album for the store...I used some of the pictures that I took on mom and I's trip to TX back in 2002...I had fun working with the pictures finally...and it feels great to have them out of my "to do" stack!!!


  1. Hey, Sunshine! Love your Texas album...and you even included one of the best parts.. your new cowboy(girl) hat. The album looks great and brings back alot of memories. The riverwalk and remember the Rodeo? Fun trip, nicely done. Have a great week!
    Mom (and Dad, too)

  2. hey! I like your texas album...i love how you cut the pics the same shape as the book and used your turned out really great! i saw your mom and grandpa at church and got a big hug from each of them (hi colleen) it was nice to see them :) hope you have a great week!
    love ya and miss you

  3. That is so cool, Hannah!! You for sure have the major creative gene from your Momma!

    And, it's Doreen!!! I haven't seen Doreen in EONS!!!