frippet wedding + apartment showings + packing + oil change = busy, busy, busy!

Just a quick update, Dustin ran into town to get some oil to change it in the Hannah-lanche, and I am supposed to be packing....BUT, I wanted to add a quick update to the blog. Since I've been really slacking lately!

Last weekend was AWESOME! Matt and Amber's wedding was BEAUTIFUL!! I took over 400 pictures, and I will post some soon...I haven't even loaded them on my computer yet!
But, it was an amazing weekend! (Matt did a great re-cap, from his prospective of the day, I think I"ll add that to my post later!)

This last week has been crazy!
Dustin has been working a normal work week, and on top of that, he is taking over full responsibilities from Bob, who retired on, his work load just got a little bigger, on top of what he already had. Not to mention that in every spare moment that he has he has been working so hard to communicate with Darrin (our builder) and the storage unit people (in Kingsley), Ted and Patty (who are generously letting us stay at their cabin for the summer, just off Supply Road, and not to far from the property) So, needless to say he has been "working" overtime this week...

I usually work Monday's and Thursday's (kinda nice having the rest of the week off) But this week Margie called in sick on Wednesday, and Kim was gone on Friday, and, I had Tuesday and Saturday off (I'm working today 12-5). SO....I've been slacking with my chores, I'm used to having a little more time for laundry and cleaning....and it hasn't helped having a MESS in the house with packing up our stuff!!!
Yesterday we made a trip out to Bash's to take a few things to the cabin, and to grab some of our packing boxes.
We were able to do a little packing, and then showed the apartment twice, once at 2:00, and again at 3:00. At four we had a birthday party for Missy, Marilyn's oldest daughter. We had such a great time! They had a pig roast, and a slushie/daquarie maker. Also a balloon guy, he made me a french poodle, and a humming bird! We had a lot of fun. Afterwards we went out to Bash's again to visit with Ted, Pattie, and Anthony.

Today, Dustin is working on changing my oil, doing some work on my truck, I'm working, and when I get home we are going to pack my truck up for our first trip out to the storage unit (tomorrow night)

FUN FUN FUN!!! We are so excited to be on this adventure!!!

So, more updates later, when I have a little more time!!!
Hope you had a wonderful weekend!!

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  1. im so glad that you were able to steal a few moments to fill us in on your progress. sounds like you guys really had your hands full this week! I love that pic of oakley...he looks like he's saying "noooo...not again!" either that or " i can't believe we have to move all this scrap stuff again!" silly dog.
    love ya