{ the move is complete }

We are all moved into our "summer home"! And, we LOVE it here! We've had a campfire every night but last night so far (last night was about 40 degrees..and windy. ;)

at least for now!

The move went great! We had perfect weather, and lots of help from our neighbors. Thank goodness we have some nice guys that live downstairs! They helped Dustin move all those heavy boxes that I over packed!!

Anyway, it's beautiful out here....right on the Boardman River...the weather is perfect right now, 65* and so SUNNY!

We found the most amazing new snack! Well, new to us....Toasted Coconut Marshmallows! We had no idea they made such a thing. They are AWESOME!!! Dustin will even eat marshmallows with me now....so, you can imagine that I had to stock up on them so we wouldn't run out....since we will be having fires nearly every night!!

I know that there is so much more that I need to catch up on...but, for now...I need to go get dinner around, Dustin just got home, and we are going for a nice long walk tonight. Then....a campfire....

Oh, I had a wonderful Birthday too! Thank you for the phone calls, and cards!!!

And, for those of you wondering...Oakley is doing just fine with the move now. He has been a nervous wreck the past couple of weeks...but, now that he knows he's here to stay...and we are here with him...he LOVES it here...he's been so relaxed and so much easier to be with now!!! (finally!)


  1. Wow! Your new place looks amazing...and so relaxing after a hard days work. I sure hope we will get to visit this summer. Im glad to hear Oakley is doing better now. Poor puppy. Sorry I missed your birthday...I'll be sending your gift in the mail since I'm not sure when I will see you next.

    Hope you enjoy the new place.
    Love you and miss you!

  2. Looks like you tired poor Oakley out! :)

  3. ...Oh..Summer Home, Sweet Summer Home... Hummmm, toasted Coconut marshmallows... When I told Dad you were on the Boardman River, he was familiar with it. And oh, BTW, we are home. Tonight (Fri) supper time. Love you guys and glad you are all settled. We will come to see you soon. Love, Mom