1000+ visitors?

I can't believe that I've had over 1000 visitors here on my blog! Thank you all so much for keeping track of us...and catching up on what's going on! Even though, I've been really slacking lately! Sorry.
I'd love to know who's visiting (I know it's not just Mom and Jenn!) so, please leave me a comment or two, if you have a couple extra seconds of your day! (don't know how? it's easy, just click on "notes from you!" at the bottom of any of my posts and Blogger will direct you from there! You don't have to have an account to comment!)

Can't wait to hear from you!


  1. 1000+ visitors?!?! thats great, but i hate to break it to ya...probably a 1/3 of that # is just me b/c i've been stalking you...LOL! or maybe im just nosey!!
    love ya,

  2. I guess I might be considered a stalker too...as I check it once a day for updates! :) But hey...you could have way worse stalkers than Jenn and I! :)

    Hope all is well up there!


  3. We check your blog often, just the other day Taylor and I were checking it and she asked, "Dadddy, who's pretty dog is that?" She knows you as the girl that gave her "DUCKIE". You are her hero...

  4. Hummmm....the "Duckie Hero". sounds like a great title for a scrapbook page!
    Love you, Mom
    Can Jenn and Tara really be labeled as "Stalkers"? I mean, I thought checking in on your blog site all the time was a pre-requisite for friendship!