happy friday!

not much exciting going on around here....

I'm working on laundry, and cleaning the house up a little, while Oakley continues to chase the baby squirrels up the trees...they are loving that they get to tease him all day long! we have at least three of them that live in a tree somewhere near our fire pit. They chatter at him the whole time he's outside, and it is driving him crazy...he gives up after a while...but, it sure does keep him occupied for a little bit of the day!

I talked to Al yesterday...I'm so excited for him...he quit working at DCC, and is going after a life long dream. He will be working with Preston in Sanford now...working on a video/production team (not sure on his exact title...I'll have to fill you in on that later, or Al, let me know!!) doing a lot of hunting stuff! He's been waiting for an opportunity like this for a long time! Congratulations! And, yeah for Renee, she gets her husband finally (no more long midnights, and working weekends for Al!)

Dustin's parents are coming for a visit this weekend. Robin has a craft show in Charlevoix on Saturday and Sunday, and they will be staying here with us Saturday night! They have not been over for a visit in quite a while, so we are looking forward so spending some time with them this weekend! I think I will be going to the show with Robin on Sunday so Doug and Dustin can have some father-son bonding time...and just do guy stuff....besides, I'd like to check the show out anyway!

Dustin and I have gone for a couple mountain bike rides lately (finally!) He did a little work on my bike last night, changed out the fork, and adjusted my handle bars a little...so, I should have a bit smoother ride now. We went about 10 miles both Saturday and Sunday last weekend...and I loved it. I was nervous about riding on the trails...but, I had a great time, and I'm anxious to go again. We have some trails around here along the river too...we just need to walk them and get the logs cleared off...they are not maintained, so they need a little TLC...but, we have plans to do that soon so we can start using them a little more often!

That's about it.
Still looking for a place to rent (we are not in a big rush, but we're keeping our eyes open) We are looking for a house right now .... if we don't find one in the next month or two, we'll start looking at apartments and condos, but we'd really like to find a house if we can. Just to have a little more privacy, and space...especially with Oakley. We will keep you posted !

Have a great weekend!


  1. First, Congrats to Al! Not many ppl get to actually do their dream job, so way to go AL! I hope its all, and more than you could hope for!

    Second, that's nice that Dustins parents are coming up..hope you guys have lots of fun!

    Third, My legs got tired just reading that you biked 10 miles...2 different times even! But it does sound like it would be a beautiful ride.

    Love you guys and miss you soooooo much!!!!!

  2. Wow, you have been busy entertaining!! And I know why. You must be the world's greatest hostess. So great, in fact, that we can hardly wait for our turn to roll around!