{ humming birds }

...they are eating at my feeder like crazy...even starting to fight over it! I love watching them! I was so excited when Dustin and I put the feeder up Sunday, and right away (before I even had food in it) they were checking it out!

I hope to get some pictures of them in the next couple of days.

There is no doubt, we still love it out here! It's just so peaceful and beautiful (yes, I'll post pictures soon!) I don't think I'll ever want to leave. But, we will be, sooner than later.

We have now decided to wait another year before we build. We were really excited about breaking ground this summer...but, it's just not going to work out as planned. Yes, there is some disappointment...but, everything happens for a reason. So, we can just be thankful that we have a wonderful place to stay for the next few weeks, and then we will start searching for a new place to rent. We hope to find a house...with a yard...something that suits our lifestyle a little more...but, with Big Red (aka: oakley) sometimes it's hard to find a place...no one wants pets! Go figure! ;)

I'm working on laundry today. Yippee....okay actually I really don't mind laundry. I've been able to hang a lot of it out on the clothesline today too...there is a chance of rain, but the sun is shining at the moment...and there is something about nice clean fresh smelling sheets right off the line! If you've never experienced this...you've got to! Trust me!

I also hope to make a few cards today...I'd like to try and sell a few on Ebay. Some are selling for $12-$30 each! That's just crazy to me...but, I'm going to give it a shot, see if I can make any money at it! I'd be happy with $5 a card....so, we'll see!

Off to throw a new load in the wash.

Happy Tuesday to EVERYONE!


  1. You know that I know your disappointment of having to wait another year (or four) to break ground on your house. The year will go by quicker than you think! Really it will. Good luck in the rental search!

  2. hey sis...sorry to hear that things arent going as planned...but like you said, things happen for a reason...maybe something better will come along for you. just so you know, i finally posted about Chicago...i need to post about Andy's Bday yet and today Alivia graduates from Kindergarten! Things have just been crazy around here and Im exhausted!
    Love ya and miss ya,