I was able to get a little scrappin' done today! Woo Hoo for me...three layouts...all done before noon! I'm pretty proud of myself! It's been awhile since I've been this productive with my "art"!

Now for the chores...I want to get things cleaned up around here...not that they are really a mess...but, we will be gone this weekend, and it's always nice to walk into a nice clean place when you get home!
We are heading down to the Midland Art Fair ( http://www.mcfta.org/ ) this weekend...Mother Halleck, a.k.a. Bird on a Whim, is going to be selling her jewlery at the show! So, Dustin and I, and Laura will be there to help her set up, take down, and just hang out for moral support. It's going to be a hot weekend though...the forcast {hot*hot*hot} YUCK! But, we are bringing lots of water!
Dust and I are heading to Mom and Dad's tonight...we are anxious to see the new addition to the family...Dad's big bear is finally back, and posing for us in the living room! Can't wait to see how Oakley reacts to it...if he even notices!

So, this afternoon, I'm going to get some things packed up...dig out the shorts and cool clothing, and get the truck packed and ready to go.

Looking forward to another wonderful weekend with our families...and friends (I think some of them are stopping by the show to say "hi"!)
Have a wonderful sunny weekend!

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  1. i so enjoy when you post your layouts...i love seeing your 'art'...i hope that you have fun this weekend...it has been a scorcher so far! I got my first sun burn today...woo-who! Well, Im really not that excited about it, but its better than frost-bite..LOL!
    Love ya and miss ya,