i'm sure mom is laughing inside...

and, I'll explain that in a minute!

The Art Fair went great for Dustin's mom! She sold a lot of her jewelry, and I think she was pleased with the outcome of the show! We ended up packing up a little early due to poor weather (rain and high winds moving in quickly!), and I'm glad that we did, it only go worse!

Oakley met "The Bear"...yup...and what a show! He was so unsure of him!!! The first time they met, he walked up to him, sniffed for a second, and the started to back away slowly....then from way down deep came a long growl...and not a "happy, lets just play" growl...he meant it! Then he started barking and going on...so, we tried to assure him that everything was okay...and made him laydow, and chill out (since we were just sitting down to eat dinner!)...he kept his eye on Mr. Bear all weekend...never really being to sure that it was okay!

Grandpa was over for dinner Friday night...that is always nice...burgers and potatoes on the grill...since mom and dad had lost power (and didn't get it back until Sunday morning, around midnight!) We had a nice relaxing evening.
Saturday morning, first thing, Dustin and I headed to Midland to help set things up for Robin's show at the Center for the Arts. The day went by quickly...Mom showed up and we walked around some...she got me a beautiful coffee mug (for my Birthday!), and I got a few beads for a braclet that I already have. later, Laura and I walked around some...that was fun...we both really like the big metal yard art...made out of old metal things.
Oh, almost forgot to mention that Jamie Lynn came to see us in the morning! her and Jack! He is SO cute!!! What a beautiful baby...and he was so good...he even danced for us a little!!! He's a cutie that for sure...!!!
Sunday was a shorter day....we still started the show at 10:00 a.m., but packed up early (around 3:00 p.m.) due to the high winds and rain...Dustin checked out the weather radar, and the storm was moving in fast...so, we decided that it was worth it to just pack up things then.

We got home, back here in TC, around 6:30 or so....it was great to have the evening here, just to do whatever.
Well, when we pulled into the gate here, right in front of us is a tall, dead popple tree. Last night.......it was COVERED in popple-jack mushrooms!
This is why I'm sure my mom is laughing...I've always been disgusted by mushrooms...but now I'm finally starting to like them a little....and I called her to let her know we were home, and I think I was a little excited to tell her about the mushrooms too!!! I'm sure when I hung up the phone she starting laughing!
we are planning on enjoying the mushrooms with some venison steaks tomorrow night!

We had a great weekend!


  1. hey...glad to hear that you had a nice weekend and that robin sold lots of her goodies...sorry we missed you though...next time :) we lost power yesterday at 2 and we arent expecting to get it back until tuesday at 11 pm...it really sucks...luckily my mom isnt to far away :) have a great week...love you

  2. I must admit...there might have been a bit of a chuckle and a little shake of the head. (BTW, they look yummy)

  3. Sorry (to Colleen) but those look creepy!!! But they probably taste good?!?!

    Glad the show went well, I thought of you guys down there- partly because you were "home" and partly because we spent most of the day Saturday in West Branch!!