{ i've been productive ! }

tuesday and wednesday were pretty good days for me, I got a few layouts done, the weather was beautiful, and i only got one mosquito bite!
tuesday evening dustin and I went out center road to check out a place for rent : we love the location, but the place is a little small, and needs some MAJOR updating, so we are pretty sure that one is off our list for now.
yesterday I made a trip out to kingsley to check out another place : 2.5 acres, 3 bed, 2 bath, full walkout basement, 2 car garage. I think it will work, but we're not sure if it's the right one or not...so, we have some thinking to do on it first.

the weather yesterday was PERFECT ! and, it looks like it will be today too! It's about 60* out right now : the sun is shining : just a little breeze.

you'll see the scrapbooking i got done the past couple of days below:
you may not even notice though that all four of them are from the same sketch! I am finding that this is a quick way to scrapbook...now : it still took me probably six hours to do all four of them : but, that is pretty quick for me!
I just found a sketch that I really liked from one of my recent magazine subs, and I did it over and over again...and I still plan to do it a couple more times. I have some more pictures set aside for this already.
I think that they all look very different, and the will not be near each other in my albums in the end anyway...so, you really won't be able to tell!
I browsed thru another mag tuesday night and marked a few more sketches that I'm going to duplicate 3 or 4 times each (or more)! it's really helping me get some work done!
happy thursday to you!

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  1. HI! I love your LO's...and I also love sketches...I've recently started using them too and its amazing how much faster I get the page done...if you hadn't said they were all from the same sketch I would've never even known! I finally got your bday present done so be looking for it in the mail sometime next week. Sorry its taken so long...I feel terrible.
    love ya,