mom, you're the greatest

I have had the BEST peanut butter + jelly sammy the last two days for lunch.

and, it's all because of that AWESOME cherry jam that you made for me!!! It is SO yummy!

Last summer, John, Dustin's boss, let us pick as many cherries as we wanted from his parents got some, Robin got some, and I had plenty in my freezer....well, with our recent move...we went down from a small freezer, to an even smaller freezer...which meant: do we keep the meat? or do we keep the cherries? It was a tough decision, but we decided the meat would probably be the better choice, for meal planning anyway! Anyway, when mom came up to help us pack a few weeks ago (on her way to the UP) I sent the remaining cherries that I had with her. She was able to make a pie, and a cobbler (both in her dutch oven) and still have leftover berries! Once she got home she made me a batch of the best cherry jam in the world...just because she loves us! Mom, you're the greatest!

note to mom: sounds like we will have more cherries this year, john says that there are a few trees that they are not planning on shaking, due to the freeze earlier this spring! Yippee for us! I'll let you know when to bring your bucket and pitter!

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  1. love, love, LOVE the layouts. I think you could easily put them side by side and they would look great. Just enough different to add interest, just enough alike to add cohesiveness. Good job.
    Cherry jam...I practically dream of the stuff. I have cherries in my frigy right now awaiting the pot. Gonna' try some SF and see if Grandpa likes it. There is only 1-2 jars left here so I need to make some for ourselves. Either that or raid your stash!! :o)
    Bought a cookbook yesterday. Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream recipes. There is a recipe for Cherries Garcia..... come home soon so we can try it!!
    Love, Mom