7:59 p.m. || Summer Arrives!!!!!!!!!!!

woo hoo.....it's officially summer.............and only 47* this morning! What's up with that? I'm not complaining though...I love this cooler weather!

for whatever reason I can't post pictures this week, I've tried nearly every day! and I don't know why I just haven't posted with out pics....!!!!

so, last weekend was great! Becci + Jeremy came up to TC for a visit and we were able to spend a good part of Saturday with them. We did a little touring downtown, took a trip out to Mission Point (one of our favorite places) and had a nice lunch together at the Blue Tractor (a must, if you've never been!) It was great having some one on one time with them, they are fun kids (ha, yes Becci, I can say that because I use to babysit you!) ;)

This week : rain rain rain...so, I stayed in most of each day just working on scrapbook stuff, a little cleaining here and there...not much.

Today: I'm headed out to get groceries for the weekend (and next week) and to Kingsley to our storage unit to pick up our air mattress. Eric and Nicole are coming up tonight to spend the weekend with us! It's been about a year since we saw them last!!

So, hopefully I'll be able to post some pictures soon!

Happy Friday : Have a great weekend!

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  1. im sure you wont see this until after the weekend, but I hope you have lots of fun with your friends! love you