rainy day

looks like we are going to be getting showers all day today (on and off)! Oh well!

We went for a great bike ride last night...Oakley was pooped when we got back! It was hot out, but the ride felt great! Our plan was to go to the VASA trail this morning before getting ready to go to the craft show, but it is raining, and we didn't get real excited about biking in the rain!

So, we've relaxed this morning, had our breakfast and now we are just getting around to head to Charlevoix to help Robin with her craft show. Hopefully it won't be raining there!

I have some great pictures from our bike ride last night, but I don't have the doc for the camera here....SO, they will have to wait! Hopefully soon though, you'll enjoy seeing Dustin give Oakley water from his camelback!

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