we have bears!

okay, kinda! On our way home from the craft show last Sunday, Dustin's mom and I saw a bear on our road (pretty much our driveway!) Yup! I would guess him to be about 200 pounds or so...so, not that big, but still....it's a bear! We knew that they were around...we haven't seen signs, but we know others have seen them now and then, and we were encouraged to keep away from bird feeders while living out here, which is a bummer because I really wanted to feed the birds...but, now I'm glad that I haven't been!

That's as exciting as it gets right now!

We've had a lot going on, but not much to write about just yet...

happy wednesday.


  1. Lions, Tigers, and Bears? Oh my! :) Have you heard that there have been bears in people's backyards here in Midland County recently? While it would be awesome to see one, I would hope to be inside a house when it happens! Ha! :)

  2. Hannah
    I so enjoy your words on this site, I come check you out every couple of weeks and it is so nice just to hear you talk and yes I mean hear you talk, when I read it is like listening to you talk, enjoy your summer home and I will be praying for you and Dustin and your search for a new "house" for fall, Kim Border