victorian art fair

that is where we were all last weekend!
and, the show was great! Robin did better than she expected on Saturday, and Sunday was kinda slow, but that was expected! Deb and Katie Bovee stopped by on Sunday, and it was great to see them again! And, more than anything...I had a wonderful time with Robin and Laura. Plenty of time to visit, and that's just what we needed!

Doug and Dustin spent the weekend working on the Avalanche, and sighting in their guns.

Today is a beautiful day.
I'm working on a little scrapbooking (three pages done so far) and have six loads of laundry done so far. everything is on the line and drying in the breeze!
D and I are headed to Gaylord tonight to pick up his new chainsaw. We decided that it was a tool that we would get a lot of use out of the next couple of years (and probably more). Our new home will heat with, the next couple of weeks we will be busy gathering wood!

Not much else going on.

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  1. Glad you had a great weekend! and Robin, too. I can't believe it...only a couple of weeks and you will be moving. No wonder you are busy gathering wood for the winter.
    I love you,
    I love the pic you sent of the art fair!!