we're moving

yup! again!
we finally found a new home for ourselves!!! Yes, it's the place that I mentioned in my last post! We just know that it's the right place for us, and we are so excited!
2 beds
1 bath
office (aka scrap studio)
nice kitchen
small deck out back
two car garage (very excited hubby!)
1.5 acres, wooded and fenced in (Oakley will be so excited!)
chipmunks (oakley will be even more excited, hopefully he can help us with that problem!)
close to Bay Point Church (wonderful church I've been hoping to get back to)
close to Moomers (awesome ice cream)

Everything just feels perfect and right about this place!

So, this week we have been busy getting ready...not much to pack, because everything is already packed! But, there is a wood stove in the house, so we have been busy collecting fire wood for the winter. You can get a permit from the DNR to collect wood off State property...and that is what we have been doing. Dustin is getting a chain saw this weekend, and that will help us tremendously! So far we've just picked up scraps that we can load in the truck as is...now we'll be able to cut up some big logs.
I'm excited because Aime' (our new landlord, who lives in Caledonia, near Laura and Jeff, and who's boyfriend works for DCC...small world huh!) anyway...she is totally fine with me painting the walls in the house however I want (within reason!) SOOO...I'm going crazy, picking colors and decorating (all in my head of course) I love this process! I'm planning on neutral colors...mostly browns...but, I'm just so excited to look at something other than white walls!!!
We are anxious to move, and have all of our things in one spot! We have stuff stored in Coleman at mom and dad's and West Branch at Dustin's mom and dad's, and in a storage unit in Kingsley....who knew two people and a dog could have so much "stuff" but, we do and we're hoping to filter thru all of it this winter!!
One thing I miss the most, and am anxiously waiting to unpack....my Kitchen Aid Mixer. Never thought that that would be that "one thing" but it is! I've been making home made bread every other day or so...and I can't wait to have that around for that!
Any way! I will also have a studio to decorate! It will be fun to have my own space for that again! I've been so blessed to always have a little extra space (usually a room) for my scrapbooking ! I can't wait to get all my goodies out again...so much inspiration waiting for me!


This week has been so busy, and has gone by so fast!
Monday was a long and busy day at work, for both of us.
Tuesday I finished up my card class display board for the store, the class in on September 3rd, and will be my first one. Mom came up in the afternoon and went to pick cherries with Dustin and I over at Dustin's bosses house. {thank you John and

Wednesday I pitted some cherries (mom is stuck with most of them since we don't have freezer space right now, so sorry mom!) Did lots of laundry, organized things for our move, and did a little relaxing.
Today: another long day at work...but, a good day.
Tomorrow: I will be working the crop tomorrow night from 5-midnight...it will be a fun night, I'm making some cheesecakes in the morning to take in as a nice little treat for the night!

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  1. im so glad that you have finally found a place to call "home" for awhile! i am definetly looking forward to visiting you. I miss you like crazy!
    love you