winter is coming

I know it's still a little bit away...but, we are preparing, nonetheless.
Last week, all weekend, and all this week...we will be collecting wood, chopping wood, stacking wood...and probably dreaming of wood! But, we are excited about heating with it all winter in our new cozy home (which we will moving into next weekend!)

The current renters should be all moved out by next Tuesday, and our plan is to get the house cleaned up and all painted by September 4th, so we can use the whole weekend to get moved in!

(you can see that Oakley isn't exactly excited to be cutting wood with us....he doesn't like any of it, not even being out in the woods with us! He finds that his happy place is in the back of the truck, taking a nice little "safe" nap...what a spoiled brat...I swear sometimes he is not a DOG!)

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  1. Gathering wood was a big part of my childhood. We always heated with wood (and my parents still do). I love all the smells: the forest, chainsaw, saw dust. It is hard work but you'll stay toasty warm this winter. Congrats on the new house!