yeah, so Oakley kept itching himself this morning, so Dustin rolled him over to see what was bothering him...the poor guy was covered in bites from fleas...how did we not notice this earlier...we are awful parents!

anyway....so, on top of feeling like crap, we had to bug bomb the house, which meant closing it up for about two hours...so, when all I wanted to do was lie on the couch and nap...I had to let the bug bomb do it's thing instead!
I feel like I'm complaining a lot this weekend! It really wasn't all that bad, we made a quick trip to Meijer to get a couple groceries, and then came back and I sat in a lawn chair (inside, since it's raining) and watched Dustin clean the garage! He's such a good spot, and deals well with me being a baby when I'm sick.

We think that the old renters may have left the fleas here when they moved out. They had two cats, and from the amount of cleaning we had to do (with SO MUCH THANKS to our parents for the help) it would not surprise us one bit if they were living here when we moved in.

Dustin just finished giving Oakley a bath. He had an application of "frontline" on him all day to keep any new fleas away. He always smells so good, and looks so shiny after his baths.

We are calling it a day....we are both tired, and my nose is all plugged up and my head hurts...so, we are just going to be lazy the rest of the night and watch a movie. Not sure which one yet...but we have a few to choose from!

Good Night.

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  1. Does he make you chicken noodle soup, too? wish I could help.... well, maybe not with the fleas...been there, done that. And once was enough.
    Love to you all,