a week in my life: today 9.30.2008

I'll have pictures tomorrow.


*wake up at 6:50 a.m.
*d takes shower and gets ready for work.
*7:33 a.m. d comes to sit with me on the edge of the bed, give Oakley some love, and wait for his oatmeal to cool down.
*7:39 a.m. I get out of bed and meet him at the door as he leaves for work. We are praying that he will have another full day at work today. We’re still unsure what the day will hold at Tower Automotive.
*recapped yesterday’s activities
*stalk a few blogs.
*8:21 a.m. teeth brushed, face washed, contacts in. I’m ready to start the day.
*If This World, by Jaci Velasquez (8:49 a.m. Slacker Radio)
*My God, Point of Grace (8:58 a.m. Slacker Radio)
*gmail chat with Amber. They’ve offered us a room at their home, if we move to GR area…they are awesome friends.
*called dustin. Things are blah at work…no new news. Wanted to give him the message from matt and amber.
*added all of my recent scrapbook layouts to my albums. That always feels good!
*updated blog, and commited to recording my life this week on my blog.
*10:51 , the rain has finally stopped, and the sun is shinning…Oakley and I are going for a walk.
*glad we went for our walk when we did…it’s gloomy again, and looks like more rain is on it’s way.
*lunch was yummy, leftover pasta. That’s one of my favorite meals…pasta with a little butter and some seasoning.
*d called. No more news. Good news though…he picked up Iron Man at the Family Video. We are having movie night tonight.
*extremely upset with Dish Network. They are giving us a notice that our box is due back to them in 7 days, and if they do not get it they will charge our debit card $500 for not sending it back. Listen up Dish….we never received the shipping box to send it back to you, and we’ve reminded you twice already that we need it….! Ahh…how frustrating. Glad D takes care of that stuff!
*talked to mom to give her all of an update that I had…not much, but still an update.
*working on card kits for tomorrows class…I forgot to pick up black brads. Everything else is coming together. Can’t seem to find the stamp set that I need though…I’m going to have to do some searching.
*2:30 p.m. Oakley is begging for dinner…he usually eats around four. So, he got his scoop of food…it’s just easier to give in to him sometimes..and, he was hungry.
*my quilt from grandpa is finally on our bed! It’s so beautiful.
*5:15 p.m. Dustin is home from work
*we may have some leads for a job with the FBI. That could be kinda cool.
*we both talked to Laura.
*card kits are all ready for tomorrow, and November class is done and ready for the board.
*venison, peas, and garlic herb rice for dinner. And a nice big glass of milk.
*dustin is working on his resume again, and I’m going to take a nice long shower.
*Watching Ironman. Dustin is so excited for that.
*I’ll probably read a couple more chapters in my book tonight, but for now…I’m shutting down the computer.


  1. Has Dustin looked at Corning and Hemlock? I know they are hiring. And I heard Dow Chemical is looking for engineers too. We would love to have you back in the area. :) Hugs to both of you! Thinking of you and praying for you a lot.

  2. yes, he's looking into both Dow and Corning....it would be wonderful to move back home!

  3. I like "crow's" idea best.
    Hey..what happened to the mirror at the end of that hallway?