a week in my life : yesterday 9.29.2008

i'm starting a new project (you can find more information about it here) and, I'm really excited about it.

I know that this may not be the best week to record our daily activities, and our "normal everyday life" but, I also think that this week will be significant in our lives. We will have so many decisions to make, and so many life changing things happening. I want to record it.
You'll find that a lot of my notes and pictures will be more about me, than "us". With Dustin being gone all day...I don't have to opportunity to follow him around all day with a camera!

So, yesterday:

*dustin left for work this morning and set the sleep on the alarm for another 30 minutes for me…I was so tired.
*we are nervous. Scared. Unsure. What will happen today?
*tower announced on Friday morning that the plant would be closing. We don’t even know if he will have a job when he gets to work. This is the part that is so hard. Not knowing.
*I posted on my blog, just something quick to let everyone know what was going on. It’s not a very positive post, that will come later when I’m in a better mood.
*I called Jenn, she needed to hear it from us. I just hope she doesn’t stress too much, with being 12 weeks pregnant. She took it well, and I know that they have enough to think about right now, hopefully she’ll just forget our conversation.
*a nice, large, granny smith apple, from mom & dad’s garden, for breakfast.
*make my lunch for work.
*check email.
*Marilyn plans to come to the store today to work. I hope she doesn’t want to talk about this job thing all day…we need to keep focused on her Ireland album!
*she asked me to bring my cricut, so get that together, along with artbins of class stuff. Remember to take camera so I can take pictures of my class. I need to prep kits tomorrow.
*shower. Get ready.
*eat my apple as I surf the internet and get ready for work.
*pack the truck and leave.
*Oakley isn’t to excited about spending another day in his crate, but it’s just to long of a day to trust him out and about still. Hopefully soon though.
*stop at the bank to deposit checks from my stamp sales ( I cleared out a box of stamps I wasn’t using.) keep $10.20 so I have a little cash in my pocket. Deposit: $100.00
*pit stop at Big Apple Bagel. Large drink. I get Iced Tea.
*open up the store, Alan stops me to ask how we are doing, and if we know anything. He’s very understanding. Thank you for that.
*Marilyn unloads her things for the day and gives me a big hug.
*I have three other croppers joining me for a while today too. Megan, Kathy V. and someone that isn’t local.
*part of me was hoping to be alone today. But, I think being busy is better for me. I’m thankful to have so much company today.
*Lunch break. Green peppers, cherry tomatoes, and an apple…a few sunflower seeds too. I snacked throughout the afternoon, it’s just easier that way at the store.
*d stopped to see me. He had just stopped to see the recruiter across the street, just to pick up some information about the military.
*bailout plan didn’t pass.
*market dropped….HUGE DROP.
*it’s raining. Hard.
*M went to get a muffin from BAB, and brought me back a bag of Toffee Coconut cookies….YUMMY! I didn’t need those!
*Debbie and Margie have both called to check on me. What sweet friends.
*The Basic Grey card kits came in this weekend! I don’t need to design a November class. I’m going to miss doing that, but it’s perfect timing. SO, I’m taking a kit home to prep tonight.
*took pictures of card class so I can prep tomorrow at home.
*closed up store at 6:30 p.m.
*the drawer took unusually long to close tonight. Probably because I was anxious to get home and see Dustin, I know he has things to talk about.
* quick stop at Tom’s to get salad and bread.
*home at about 7:15 p.m. or so.
*chicken is in the oven, almost ready…and finally done at about 8:00
*we don’t usually eat this late.
* chicken salad with ranch, green olives, cheese, croutons, cherry tomatoes.
*we discussed the job situation. I think the military is out for now. We only want to do that if we have to. We were encouraged to only join if we WANT to join, not because we need a job.
*if we could live in any state, where would we want to live? That’s hard. I want to stay in MI, our family is here. But, we may not be able to.
*Colorado? Maine? Washington? Oregon? Utah? N,S Dakota?
*we have a lot of research to do.
*avalanche is on Craigslist, $9500
*watched a couple of TV shows that d had downloaded.
*we both played on the computer for a while after that.
*read my book in bed. Lifeguard.
*lights out, about midnight.

I'm hoping that if I keep my notes here that you will all hold me accountable!
I'm really looking forward to having a complete album when I'm done with this project, unlike any album I've done before!

a few pictures from yesterday:

i didn't to do well on my photography yesterday, but I'm doing much much better today!
keep checking back for more updates!


  1. ***BIG HUGS!!!*** I love you guys, know that I am thinking of you! I also LOVE your new project!!