wind chimes

it is so beautiful outside today!

I had a good day at work yesterday, dustin brought me some medicine at lunch (since I walked out of the house in the morning with out ANY!) and once I got that in me...I felt so much better! I made it thru the day, it was a good day...but, I'm happy that I have today and tomorrow off!

Today: Painting and cleaning. I just finished the back wall in the hallway, and the rest of the kitchen...both a dark green.
I'm also working on getting the rest of the boxes out of the house...I'm ready to feel like we "live" here...!
Tomorrow: Painting the rest of the hallway, cream. and, probably more organizing. I also have two team meetings tomorrow, one in the morning with the FMN staff, and one in the afternoon with my scrapbook league team.

Right now: I'm going to go hang my wind chimes up. They haven't been up since we lived down state, and even then they didn't get any wind. Dustin hung them up on an existing hook by the kitchen window when we first moved in (he knows how much I want to listen to them) but, we don't get much wind there either....SO, today is beautiful, and the sun is shinning, and there is an amazing light breeze....those chimes are getting moved!!!

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  1. I'm smiling. Just read about Oakley finding his ball and I can only imagine! It put me in remembrance of our Boone Bob. Do you remember how he practically LAUGHED when he found his rock under the melting snow in the spring? The worst part for him was if the rock was still frozen to the ground when he found it! No wonder we never had to trim his nails.
    So glad to hear you are feeling better. I love you,