a week in my life: Sunday 10.5.2008

10.5.2008 {Sunday}

*make breakfast together this morning. Waffles + sausage.
*d fixes leaking kitchen sink.
*do a little laundry, sheets and towels.
*put up last window treatment in office. They look so nice, and warm the place up a little.
*recover office chair with fun fabric.
*dustin cleans up the wood stove to prep for fire.
*put covers on plugs and switches, finally!
*Aime’ and John stop by (landlords) to drop off the last piece of stove pipe. John and Dustin clean the chimney, Aime’ and I play with Oakley. She loves him so much!
*Dustin and I put in storm windows.
*Dustin cleans garage.
*check email, and blogs.
*stub my toe on pavers around fire place. Ouch. It’s going to take some time to get used to them.
*dustin cleans up snowblower.
*we have a refreshment on the porch
*boys take a bike ride
*it’s such a beautiful day, cool and so nice.
*dinner: leftover ribs and potato salad.
*start our first fire in our fire place…it’s not really THAT cold, but we want to make sure everything is hooked up okay.
*make homemade ice cream for later. Mint Oreo.
*create a few scrapbook page kits for Tuesday night league.
*sort paper
*dustin watches movie.
*check email, update blog.
*watch National Treasure II, and have our ice cream
*bed time.


  1. i haven't checked in on you for a while- your house looks really nice!

    also you take the strangest pictures- i love them.

    we will see this place i promise.

    love ya- steph

  2. hey sis...your blog has been so fun this week...i kind of feel like a "fly on the wall" so to say :) makes me feel like im right there with ya!
    hope you have a great week.