a week in my life : 10.2.2008


*another rainy morning.
*Dustin took the trash out this morning. It’s usually picked up around 8:00 a.m.
*check email
*Oakley is trying to get my attention, so he’s throwing my dirty socks around. That’s what I get for leaving them on the floor last night.
*Oakley shares my apple with me for breakfast.
*an email from Dustin : “I applied for the 3 jobs at DC that I qualify for this morning. Maybe something will come of that. I’m looking at Eaton’s site right now, they are the company that had multiple jobs in GR.”
*load my things in truck for work.
*stop at Big Apple Bagel to grab a drink and bagel for lunch later
*dustin sent his resume to 3 jobs at DCC, and four in grand rapids (Eaton)
*talked to Mom with an update
*d stopped t o see me on his lunch break
*marilyn and missy came to the store for the afternoon to scrap and work on cards.
*Marilyn brought be an awesome chocolate peanut butter shake from Nourish
*working on labeling inventory
*lunch with Missy and Marilyn, Marilyn’s treat ;) Roast Beef on Wheat with tomato and lettuce
*tonight is Thursday night scrapbook league, members start showing up around five thirty or so.
*leave work around 6:40 and head to Chase bank to deposit paycheck.
*Call Al back.
*Dustin has most of dinner ready when I get home, and Oakley anxiously greets me at the door!
*Chicken and couscous for dinner. Simple, but good.
*no-bake cookies for dessert. Joanne brought them to me at work today for a treat.
*Dustin is watching Ultimate Fighter, Oakley is curled up under his blanket on his bed. 7:59 p.m.
*Update blog and play on the internet for a bit.

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