a week in my life : Friday 10.3.2008


*up with Dustin this morning.
*he has oatmeal for breakfast and fixes his lunch. PB&J & crakers, and a couple no-bake cookies
*unloads his truck with stuff from his desk at work (just in case)
*Oakley plays with Bubba….poor Bubba gets a hole in his leg….bye bye Bubba.
*visit my favorite blogs
*upload pictures to Sam’s Club. Plan to go pick up a few things there today, so ordering a few pictures to work on.
*stop at Sam’s for gas. Put in $20.00 get a few supplies and dinner inside (pizza for dinner, we really like the pre-made pizza’s there, you just need to bake em.
*stop at Banfield to get flea medi for Oakley
*pick up mail at P.O. we got a deposit check from the storage unit, so go to Chase to cash the check.
*quick stop at taco bell, “two strawberry mango freezes please”
*visit Kim at FMN and share a yummy treat with her.
*Dustin calls, he applied for a job across the street from Tower (it would be great if we could stay here in TC!!!)
*stop at Meijer on the way home to pick up the last of the groceries. Realize that Oakley’s medi isn’t in pill form like I thought it was, so back to Banfield.
*after talking to the nurse, and Dustin doing some research, we decide to take the medi home and do some more research before giving it to him. It’s an oil that you apply in his fur by parting his hair….He doesn’t have enough hair for that, and it always makes a mess, this is our concern.
*unload stuff.
*feed Oakley (one scoop, again.)
*pick up house.
*make English muffin bread (two loaves) thinking that it will taste yummy in the morning, toasted with some eggs.
*decide that a special dessert would be nice tonight. Tried a new recipe, pumpkin mousse.
*I don’t think the bread cooked all the way thru….still trying to figure out this stove, why do they all have to cook so different!
*talked to laura about picture stuff
*Tara called. Just checking on us. It was nice to talk to her today!
*Dustin called, he is going to go have a drink with a buddy from work.
*it’s really cold in the house today. Hope to have the stove all set this weekend.
*pizza for dinner
*Boy Scouts stopped by, selling popcorn. We bought a small can of caramel corn.
*Oakley and D play out side…trying to burn off a little steam.
*watched Juno.

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