a week in my life : Saturday 10.4.2008

10.4.2008 {Saturday}

*slept in until 9:20 a.m. (we never do that!)
*make breakfast together. Eggs, bacon, toast, coffee.
*dustin heads out to Menards. We need staples for the staple gun, and covers for the light switches and outlets.
*make baked potato salad for dinner (dustin picked out a new recipe.)
*check email.
*work outside for a while. Split wood and stack in pile behind garage.
*rake acorns into woods ( there are SO many of them!)
*quick lunch, leftover pizza
*make a trip to Gillroys (Menards didn’t have the staples that we needed) and, then head to Menards for light bulbs.
*dustin works on changing out the light fixtures on the garage and house. We moved the motion light to the back of the house (rather than the back of the garage.
*dig up fire pit, move rocks out to woods to use on our mtn biking course when we build it. We have plans to build a new fire pit next spring, if we stay here.
*ribs are on the grill, cooking them nice and slow.
*found dead chipmunk in my watering can…………..so gross.
*apply flea medi to Oakley. This brand seems to be soaking in better than the last.
*check email.
*finally getting to putting up curtains. This was one thing that I really wanted to do today, and it’s nearly six o’clock, but it’s getting done!!! I’m so excited to have them up!
*curtains look great.
*dinner is so yummy.
*take showers
*read a couple chapters in my book
*watch The Golden Compass. Good flick, but ended poorly.
*bed time.


  1. So tell me more about this baked potato salad? It sounds yummy! If it was please send the recipe! :) Hugs!

  2. Hannah, How wonderful! I just knew someone great would recognize your talent. You inspired me to start a week in the life and I started this morning at 7:45! Thanks for telling me about this. I needed a smile BADLY today :) Leah