a week in my life : yesterday 10.1.2008


*6:50, Dustin gets up to feed Oakley (one scoop of food) and then gets in the shower and starts his morning.
*7:40 I’m a little more lazy this morning, I finally get up and get my morning going. Take Oakley out side, and make a trip to the garage with “stuff” that belongs there.
*two slices of toast and a cup of Green Tea (madarine orange flavor) for breakfast.
*add pictures to my blog (yesterday’s photos)
*totally got caught up in reading some of my favorite blogs!
*washed the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen.
*I found the stamp set I was looking for yesterday!!!! Whew!
*Ready to Fly by FFH (Slacker Radio) 9:59 a.m.
*send out a couple of over-due cards to some special people.
*work on wording for November Card Class display board.
*You Raise Me Up, Selah (Slacker Radio) 10:13 a.m.
*cleaning the bathroom/linen closet.
*thinking a little about submitting some layouts to Creating Keepsakes “fresh face” they only want new layouts, ones that have not been posted anywhere…so, I’ll have to wait until I have something new.
*12.27 p.m. Oakley just got into some opened garbage that I had sitting out. My fault I guess. I had a bag out to dump things that we don’t use from the bathroom closet…guess he thought that the actual garbage I dumped in there, including yucky used Kleenex, would taste good. Stupid dog!
*cleaning the spare bedroom, it’s been a catch all since I unpacked and needs some attention.
*lunch : pbj & cherry tomatoes and green peppers. A big glass of H2O…I haven’t been drinking enough.
*Oakley just pounced all over the house with Bubba, his stuffed gorilla. Goof. I have to keep telling him to be nice.
*yummy lunch
*Oakley is enjoying one of his favorite treats, an ice cube.
*read a couple chapters in my book
*take a small hour nap.
*get ready for card class, I’m going in a little early to finsh getting the kits together.
*card class went great, most of my students arrived a half hour early! It only took us an hour to complete all six cards! And, next months class is sold out already! Woo hoo!
*home around 8:30 p.m. It’s still raining.
*ate Dustin’s leftover dinner. Some rice and peas.
*evening snack, graham crackers and milk.
*we watched a couple of recorded shows. Two and a half Men, & Worst Week
*both read a little, and then lights out.


  1. Ahh, good 'ol Bubba. Nice to see him on your floor for a change! But he's a good 'ol gorilla, probably heard alot of stuff over the years. Glad he's still around...

  2. I love to check and read your blog Hannah, you have a unique creative look. You must be an artist it really comes through. Someday I want to do a scrapbook about my sweet hubby. Autumn was sitting at the computer with me looking at pictures and I told her that was her Grandpa. I thought again about that scrapbook about him. To help my little grand kids to know about Grandpa. Love you Hannah.