a Joyful Thanksgiving

I'm am THANKFUL for:

Grandpa...for tagging along with Mom and Dad on the two hour trip up here. I'm so glad that he came up to spend the day with us. You made this Thanksgiving so special.
Dad...for being you. My dad. Thank you for smoking the chickens to perfection. They were delicious....so, so yummy! Thank you for coming home from the U.P. to spend the holiday with us.
Mom...for all of your wonderful help in the kitchen, for bringing the pies, and goodies...for the yummy smelling house warming gifts (I can't wait to open them!). Thank you for being the beautiful, loving, caring mother that you are.
Al...thank you for being the best brother a sister could have. Thank you for your compliments while looking thru my scrapbooks, and coming into our home. And, thank you for hanging out for a while...even though you had to work today.
Renee...thank you for taking care of my brother. Thank you for marrying him. I love having you in our family! Thank you for the awesome cheeseball, and your huge help in the kitchen.
Dustin...I'm so blessed to have you for my husband. Thank you for welcoming my family into our home. For spending so much time shoveling the driveway off..and for keeping a nice warm fire going all day. Thank you for always doing all those little things that need to be done that I never think about, but most of all...thank you for being here for me, always. I love you.
Oakley...thank you for being such a good boy. Thank you for not poking everyone, and for lying down (most of the time) and for not being to much of a pest....all in all, you were great!
Grandpa Dale, Grandma Madeline, Father Doug, Mother Robin, Sister Laura, Brother Jeff, Aunt Bev....who all spent Thanksgiving together in Hillsdale (with the exception of Jeff, who is in Canada hunting!)....Thank you for being such a wonderful family...for taking me in as one of your own! I'm so glad that you had a wonderful day, and wish we could have been with you to celebrate! Love you and miss you all.

To all of our friends and family who read this .....we love you all so much, and hope that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving together with your families!


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  1. Aauuhhh....
    And Thank you to Hannah the Hostess! One step into your home and we immediately feel "at home". Thank you Dustin the Host! Who graciously allowed cranberry salad on his dinner plate for the sake of a good picture! Thank you Hannah (and Al...and anyone else?)for the whipped cream dinner entertainment. You both are an immense blessing to us. We have a great family!! O, and thank you for the delicious left-overs.
    Mom and Dad