let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

It's so beautiful outside right now! We have about 2 more inches of snow than what you can see in the picture...and, it's still snowing! I shoveled the driveway twice tonight!
I love this time of year! The fresh snow is beautiful! I wish I would have a snow day tomorrow so we could make snowmen outside!

Tomorrow is the first day of December! That means I will be starting to fill my December Daily album! I'm looking forward to that! I can't wait to take pictures and record our daily activities this next month! Keep checking in to see what we'll be up to!

Have a great night....with lots and lots of snowflakes!


  1. I would LOVE to come and visit!! And of course give some couponing lessons...do you know if any of the stores up there double coupons? Kmart is doing a deal right now where they are doubling $2.00 coupons which is Fabulous!! Have a wonderful day!

  2. Hey Sis...I knew this snow would put a smile on your face :) It always makes me think of you...and miss you too.

    love ya!

    p.s. thanks for saying I'm "so dang cute"...LOL...glad you think so ;)

  3. Love that beautiful snowy picture!

    (I also love your blog banner. When I clicked over to your blog I was VERY surprised at how similar yours was to mine. Bit I think yours might be cuter! ;) )

    Happy December!

  4. yeah the snow makes me think of you too- i think you are the only one i know that really gets EXCITED about it- but i'm glad you do!!!

  5. Hannah,
    I love the pic of the big red dog!