snow angels

we've been pretty lazy all day...and it feels great! I love days like today.

Sleep in....
stay in our PJ's
Oatmeal for breakfast
pick up the house a little
keep being lazy
watch the snow falling
love having a nice warm fire place to keep our home cozy
go to the park for a nice little walk, until Oakley got to cold and wanted to come home
make hot cocoa
sip cocoa while reading the mail (new magazine came today!)
start dinner...chicken and the crockpot.
dustin plays on the computer, and we both relax the rest of the evening...

maybe a little glass of wine later, while reading a book or watching a movie...we'll see...but, it's been a great day so far!


  1. OHHHH...that looks like so much fun!!! Although Oakley looks like he's not really to sure...LOL!!

  2. Just a couple big kids and their dog! Awesome!

  3. Looks like you had SO much fun! Sigh. The things I miss by living in a sub-tropical climate...

    Hope you keep having fun!