Today I worked at Edward Jones.
I had a yummy turkey and avocado wrap at lunch. (homemade this morning with Dustin)
I worked on my BOA training (BOA: Branch Office Assistant).
My eyes got tired of looking at a computer screen today.
We got two more inches of snow!
Marilyn stopped in to see me for a sec, she leaves for St. Maarten on Saturday morning.
I left work at 4:45, and picked Dustin up. ( we carpool on the days I work )
Filled car up with gas.
Stopped at Sam's Club to get milk.
Home at last.
Feed Oakley.
Bring in fire wood and get fire going again.
Warm up leftovers for dinner.
Play and cuddle with Oakley.
Install swishy pants. ( this is what Dustin calls getting your comfy clothes on )
Plop our butts on the couch and play on the internet...and watch a little TV.

Good night.

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