a day of rest

as if we don't get enough rest...! ha!

We went to church this morning. The message was good. Proverbs 3: 5-6 Pastor Nick does an awesome job of bringing biblical stories to life! I enjoy listening to him.

We made a quick trip to Meijer after church to pick up a few groceries.
Dustin snow-blowed the driveway, again when we got home!
I washed some delicate laundry by hand that has been needing some cleaning.
Leftover tomato soup for lunch.
Dustin replaced the faucet in our sink...it's been leaking, and not working well....it's awesome now!!! I love that you don't have to wait five seconds for the water to start running when you turn it on (yeah, five seconds....how spoiled rotten am I that five seconds bugs me! Just so you know, when we are at the cabin in the U.P., pumping my own water isn't a big deal...it is just when I know that the water should start running faster than it actually does that it's frustrating.)

Anyway...we had a nice day together today.

No real news on the job front. Dustin has his resume' out all over, and we are hoping with the new year here we'll start hearing back from some of the companies. We are trusting that the right thing will come along, no matter where it may take us.

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  1. Hey! I love hearing your menus... and seeing your pictures... and hearing about your day. Love you for 13 pots :o)