home, safe and sound...just a little chilly.

Well, we made it home from Ohio safely.
It took us exactly four hours to get to West Branch from Ohio. Not to bad of a trip. Oakley was excited to see us too!
Then, just another two hours to get to our home in TC...where neither Dustin nor I remembered to turn the heat in the living/dining room on before we left! Luckily I remembered to get the bedroom and bathroom..so, the house was a toasty 44* when we walked in....my fingers are numb as I type!!

Thank you for all of your prayers. Dustin's interview went well, and he should be hearing from them soon. I'll keep you updated as soon as I know anything.

Off to get the house warmed up, and we'll probably let Oakley cuddle with us tonight...he puts off a TON of heat!!!


  1. Glad you're home safe. Isn't traveling in winter fun?

  2. Oakley- you're being used! but i think you get treated pretty well so you probably shouldn't complain this time :)

  3. YAY....pipes don't freeze at 44*! Love yas and love reading the daily updates.

  4. im glad you guys got home safe...hope you hear some good news soon.
    see you in a few days :)
    i'll keep the heat on!