Today was a good day.
I ran some errands, returned a few things at the mall, and bought a few things at the mall. Target and Penny's were both having super clearance sales, and I actually found a couple of things to work for me, for work! I really don't enjoy shopping all that much, but there were not many people out today, and the deals were good!

I also picked up some bird seed for the feeder today...and, even though I didn't catch the little birdies with the camera...they were there! Just ask Mom...she heard how excited I was when the first one landed at the feeder (we were on the phone with each other at the time!)

(Other things I did today that don't really matter, just want to keep track of them for my project 365)
Snow-blow driveway and shovel porches.
Take out the garbage.
Dinner: Pork Chops and Potato Wedges and Salad.
Worked on a few pages in my December Daily Album (yes, I'm way behind in that!)
laundry day...change linens, and wash Oakley's bed and blankets (yes, he has multiple blankies...he likes to be covered up, and he has more than one bed. yes, he's spoiled!)
Fill the bird feeders.
Bring in wood.


  1. I haven't finished my December album either! I have most of my journaling done and all the pictures picked out, it's just a matter of getting them printed out!

  2. I love that you're posting your pictures everyday. What a great way to record the everyday pieces of your life. :)